We Make Complex Energy Choices Simple

If you own a home in the Caribbean now is the best time to go solar. Our technically trained staff will visit your home or business and guide you through the process, making installing solar power easy and fun. 


  • Reduce or eliminate your utility bills

  • Hedge against future increases in electricity prices

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

  • More money in your pocket every month

  • Achieve energy security

  • Get compensated through our referral program


How does it all work?

One of our highly qualified technicians will come to your house to provide a 30 minute, 100% free solar consultation and will leave you with a digital, interactive quote you can take to the bank. We will explain how we can design a custom system that will best meet your needs, as well as ways you can begin adjusting your energy consumption inside the home. You can expect a written assessment after the visit, with all possible options, and incentives available, to achieve the quickest return on investment. Please have at least one current utility bill available but preferably 12 months of bills for our review.

How much can I save?

Every home is different. Depending on your energy usage, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually, as well as locked in savings for decades to come. Available roof space typically dictates the percentage of your utility bill you can offset with solar panels. Solar savings also depends on how much sun your roof can catch. Put that ladder away because ProSolar Sales Professionals use drones and GIS imagery tools to measure your roof and design a system that optimizes each roof face for pitch and area available to dial in your projected energy generation.

How do I apply for the 30% Tax Credit?

Once your system is installed you can apply for the Federal Solar Tax Credit by filling out forms 5695 and 1040 on your tax returns. Always make sure to consult with your preferred tax professional to find out how you can best take advantage of this incentive.

How much does solar cost?

Residential solar systems are comprised of much more than just solar panels. ProSolar provides turn-key services including everything you need to construct a fully functioning system including, but not limited to, micro-inverters with panel-level monitoring, hurricane resistant aluminum racking, triple-seal penetrations for any roof type, self-grounding rack attachments, corrosion-free conduit clamps and fasteners, mobile app communication, Tesla Powerwall and associated equipment, and friendly certified technician labor from start to finish.

The price of a turn-key ProSolar system depends on a variety of factors i.e. energy consumption, roof layout, roof pitch, location of your main service, and the quantity of Tesla Powerwalls needed. The easiest way to find out is to Contact us for a free assessment and quote.

Will solar increase the value of my home?

According to  the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a residential solar system adds about $3 per watt to the value of your home. Given an average system size of 7kW this amounts to an increase in property value of $21,000, plus the electricity savings you immediately gain once the system is turned on. Home buyers are willing to pay more for a similar home that costs less to operate so if your house is on the market consider making the sound investment in solar power to give your listing a competitive edge.